Sunday, April 14, 2013

Because I don't dig Toxic.

So I made my own Lemon Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

It took about three weeks to complete, really it should have been longer but I'm not a patient girl!
I used Vinegar, mixed with lemon peels and rosemary! Place it in a window, and shake daily.
The finished product come out VERY concentrated, and should be diluted with water when you go to clean.

I chose to go this route because I have small children in my home. My Nieces are constantly in and out.
I also have animals.
Plus you know, myself. So I choose to no longer poison myself.

This post was very poorly crafted.. So here are some pretty pictures!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

My New Magickal Garden.

So I was flipping through my copy of Garden Witchery by Ellen Dugan yet again yesterday (Love and Recommend this book to all!). I was reading her section on Finding a space for your magical garden. I already have tons of gardens in my yard, but none of them are what you'd call private. We like our neighbors so there are no privacy fences up and we basically "share" our three backyards. I put share in quotations because we all pretty much keep to our own section of the back, but no one gets their panties in a twist if there's some cross over. So as I was thinking about my Magick working garden and trying to figure out where to put it I was becoming a bit discouraged. I didn't want to have it somewhere my neighbors can see. I am not ashamed, but the feeling of being watched can sometimes distract from your intentions while working magick. I decided to take Dugans advice and just walk around my yard. She said in her book you would know the spot when you see it. I wasn't holding my breath, but what the heck, why not try?

I stepped outside and had an epiphany. I know, crazy right? My yard isn't that big, this shouldn't have been to hard to figure out. We have a hug Pine Tree that separates our house with one of our neighbors. Its never raked out, and the kids are always playing under there so it never donned on me to turn it into a garden, but it was perfect. It has space, and privacy, and low branches to sit or work on. It seems like the spot has just been waiting on me all this time to figure it out. It's part sun part shade and with a little love and fertilizer it can be beautiful. I can not wait.

So there you have it. not even ten minutes and I picked out my very own special magick garden... Now the fun part! picking the plants to go in there. Raking it out, tilling the soil, and finding the stones to act as a "barrier" to keep kiddies and The monster dog out!

Do you have a special place in your yard?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mint & Lime Healing/Energy Infusion

Mint - Healing, Strength, Money, Luck, Protection

Lime - Healing, Love, Protection 

My Fiance suffers from chronic Migraines. He often has one several days a week, and "regular" headaches almost daily. I have met others with similar problems, but never to the extent of his. As his soon to be wife, and a woman who loves him more than life, it is hard for me to watch. (this is relevant to the post!)

This week I ran across a post on Facebook about water infusions. Of course I have heard of them before. I just have yet to make one.  This time I was inspired! I wanted to try it. Loveyy has been going through a particularly bad spell the past couple of days so I decided to make an infusion to aid in his healing. I chose Mint and Lime because they compliment each other, and they are two things I know he likes.

While Cutting the limes, and bruising the Mint I thought of nothing but "Love, healing and Energy" trying to impart those attributes to my water.

I later held a small ritual in my bedroom, I have asked the Goddess to bless the water tonight. To help aid in a quick recovery of this Migraine and to boost his energy a bit during the process. I will leave it in the window all night, and instruct him to drink the water tomorrow.

We'll see!!

(P.S. My room now smells of Lavender (Thats what I smudged with during the ritual), Mint and Lime. Its quite Wonderful!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning - A pagan perspective

Spring is upon us and that means it is time for SPRING CLEANING.

A few ideas.

Obviously use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaners. My cleaner of choice is vinegar water with a dash of mint, or rosemary... or maybe some crab apple flower essence in the case of something particularly dirty, or just plain and simple baking soda. This year I also made some Lemon Cleaner.

When you clean open as many doors and windows as you can. Cleaning stirs up dormant energies, and this way they have a place in which to go. You can also try clapping near an area you are about to clean, this will help wake up and prepare any "sleeping" energies. When I sweep I like to sweep the dirt out the front door as well (Please note : This is only Dirt! I do not sweep trash out the door.) .

Going through our possessions (at least) yearly is an huge, yet important task. If you are like me you might shop out of anxiety, or frustration. You may have been given gifts that no longer serve a purpose, or were given by someone no longer a part of your life (An ex-boyfriend, an friend you are no longer friendly with). You may have papers from work that are no longer needed, but remind you of work every time you see them. There are a million little things we accumulate over a year. And ALL of these things hold energy. Unwanted, and unnecessary energy.

When I look at financial papers from work I immediately feel more anxious that I had ten second previously. Its not the papers fault... Its just what the paper brings to mind, and that effects my energy in the moment. When I see items I purchased out of frustration, I feel FRUSTRATED. Why did I waste my money?! Did I really need that Extra Measuring cup that I have YET to use? No.

So we need to go through these things and dispose of them to help rid our homes of these energies, and make room for new more positive ones to enter. You can donate, and recycle. Give things to the neighbors who might find them useful.

The task of going through everything in your house may be daunting, but when it is done you will feel SO much better. Take it section by section so that you don't get overwhelmed. And don't expect it to be finished in a day.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

A little of this an that. An Easter Blog.

So today we celebrated "Easter" 

Well... My mom and brothers celebrated, I was there. Mom got me an Easter basket like she always does, only this year instead of a Chocolate bunny she stuck a Chocolate Cross in there... Wonderful. I didn't say anything because it may not have been a slight. But I doubt it.

My Nieces had an egg hunt today. It was a blast, and I took the youngest (M) around the yard to find them. 

Easter dinner consisted of Homemade spaghetti sauce, using the tomatoes we froze from last spring. It Tasted wonderful.

M of course was on sugar overload and exhausted by the time dinner rolled around and temper tantrums were happening ever few seconds. That was about the same time I was whipping out the sage for some post Easter frenzy cleansing. After just a few seconds she had calmed down completely and we haven't had a tantrum since. If you have never tried sageing a child, I suggest you give it a go. I have always been a firm believer in the stuff, and used it frequently even before my pagan days.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now, moving on...

My Full moon ritual was lovely. I performed it a night late. on the last night of the Full moon Cycle, but it was still wonderful. I sat skyclad upstairs in front of my big bedroom window (Neighbors cant see in that one!) and  laid my supplies out. I planted a lavender seed in a small pot and it was all real simple and real beautiful. 

I don't want to go into it too deep because it was mine, and it was personal.

I hope you all are enjoying the start of spring!  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back in action. Full Moon Style.

They should fire me from Blogging. Honestly, I get so excited about it write and write and write, and then one day I just Disappear Poof! Gone. But here I am back in action!

I'm nothing if not persistent.

My Wedding is officially 88 days away. EIGHTY-EIGHT. So I cant promise I will be on a whole lot.

So tonight is the full moon. March's Full Moon :)

I have A small ritual planned which I am excited about. I thought I would post it in case any of you wished to use it as well. You can always feel free to adopt and change it for your own.


Full Moon Banishing and Growth

What I will be using:
Soil in a pot

(Cleanse the area with sage.)
(Light Candle) 

"Goddess of the Moon I welcome you." 

(Quiet Meditation for as long as you need)

"Tonight I wish to let go of __(Something you wish to let go of)
You have seen me through the cold of winter

Now I face the growth of Spring
New light, New Success, New Opportunities
This seed represents me and my journey 
Both Mundane, and Spiritual
As it is Watered and Tended it shall grow
And with it so shall I

(Plant seed)

Blessed Be Goddess
(Blow out candle)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Magickal Cleaning.

Start the New Year Clean -

In many traditions it is important to start their years with a clean home.

Depending on how thourough you are you may see this as a general wipe down, or a hands and knees scrubbing the floor time.

It is important though, when cleaning your home to leave the windows open. That way the built up energies you are stirring have a place to go, and can leave your home.

Sweeping and mopping the floors - this is a must in most houses.
Sweeping stirs stagnant energies, and gets them moving. Start in the back of your home and sweep towards the front. This way you can rid the house of the negative energies, by sending them out the front door.

When moping, I like to create floor washes, to give a little added oomph to my house cleaning. You can try a Rose Water wash, which will help promote feelings of love and agreement in your home. I also enjoy a crabapple wash. Crabapple is great for cleaning extra dirty messes. So after a fight or during a time of stress I will add a few drops to my wash, to help rid the house of the negative vibes that are floating around.

Vinegar - This fellow gets special mention because it is dear to my heart. I have used vinegar for years and years, it predates my magickal side. It is wonderful for everything mundane! But also it is great magickally. It sends away negative unwanted energies. It is also used to protect the home from invaders. I always keep a bottle of diluted vinegar on hand, it works wonders for keeping the animal smell out of your rugs!

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